Teeth Whitening

One of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance your overall appearance is to whiten your teeth. At Kandor Dental, we offer professional Pola in-office and take-home whitening to remove stubborn tooth stains and improve the radiance of your smile. Requiring just about an 30 minutes of your time, Pola whitening can effectively reduce the appearance of stains caused by:

  • Aging
  • Tobacco use
  • Tea, coffee, wine, and soda
  • Food
  • Medication
  • Fluorosis

Do you have a special event coming up, Wedding? Holiday? Or just want a brighter smile? Pola advanced tooth whitening systems provide safe and reliable tooth whitening to suit your needs and lifestyle. Pola is available in a wide range of different strengths and applications so each individuals needs are met.


Speak to your Dentist today to find out which Pola system can help you achieve the results you desire.HOW IT WORKS

Tooth whitening is a process by which the discolorations or stains on the teeth are chemically lightened. There are two main types of active whitening ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, for strong fast whitening, and Carbamide peroxide, for gentle slower whitening. The graph below shows the comparison of whitening strength in different Pola Tooth Whitening Systems.


When a whitening product is applied to the teeth, it breaks down into water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions enter the enamel and attack the long stain molecules to effectively break them down to be short and colorless. These short and colorless molecules are then naturally removed from the tooth by saliva. The intensity of whitening is related to the number of oxygen ions available and the length of time they are on the tooth. There are various forms of tooth discoloration that can be whitened, including:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Smoking
  • Ageing
  • Disease
  • Medical treatment
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Genetic conditions
  • Fluorosis
  • Some medications
  • Some Illnesses

A whitening maintenance plan helps prevent the re-occurring build-up of stain molecules, ensuring your teeth are always looking their best. Speak to your dentist on the best maintenance program to suit you.


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